Welcome to Teamsrunner,  your Solution architecture company.

We specialize in  solution architecture for enterprises.  Our combined years of experience in the utilities industry positions our company as one of your partners that understand the complexities in the utility industry from Trading ,scheduling, Generation, Transmission and the ISO and RTO markets.

We take your company vision or compliance mandates and execute in the fastest possible manner using our years of experience in the industry in the following disciplines:

Compliance: NERC CIP , PCI, SOX and FERC,and CyberSecurity being in the industry that is heavily regulated, our experience help your organization design and architect your systems that are not only compliant but also secure by applying our best practices in data at rest and data in transit security, because compliance doesn’t always mean secured.

Information architecture: Every organization at some point in their maturity life cycle realize that the management and realization of architectures to support transactional, Big Data, Fast Data and Master data not only make organization more innovative but also it is their competitive advantage.

Our expertise in the entire spectrum of the information life cycle management (ILM), is reflected in our deliverables and architectures for information acquisition, classification, distribution and destruction. Our services include architectures for the data lakes, data stores, master data management , fast data and big data.

Security Architecture: Data in transit and data at rest security are the foundation of a company reputation and trust.

Whether you are interested in securing your NERC CIP protected assets, Generation management systems or control systems, our best practice  in data in transit will mitigate some of the risks inherited from the nature of these systems.

Integration architecture: Supporting your information lifecycle pillar is the integratoin of  your data, modern architectures not only adapt seamsless data movement but also takes your company to the integration-less architectures  Utilities have just too many data feeds, our best practice dictates the clear separation of system orchestration from data transportation and hierarchical events.

RFI , RFP Generation: Generation and evaluation of request for information (RFI) and request for proposals (RFP) for system in the trading , scheduling, and outage management areas.


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